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I have a clock-feeder going year-round, right near the house. Keeps the quail and doves fat and sassy. "House rules" are that thou shalt not shoot no pets within, say, 100 yards or so of the feeder. Wellll, the quail, anyhow.

I also add a little scattering of grain in front of the porch, just to watch the little doofers wandering around. My "feral chickens".

But things are going from "sorta natural" to "plumb weird". It doesn't bother me for the racoons to come up in the middle of the night, fighting to get into the grain bucket for a freebie. Funny to watch, particularly one coon who's too big to get down in the bucket; he has to do a handstand. I tap on the window; he "struggles" himself out and then goes back in; I tap on the window...You get the picture. It's far better than primetime.

I've been somewhat puzzled by a couple of foxes who nibble corn from under the feeder, and then come onto my porch at night and deposit evidence that foxes don't digest corn...Is there some deep meaning I don't understand?

But when coyotes run around the joint at High Noon (yesterday), and the quail just step from the line of Don Coyote's charge and then walk toward him and call him names! Huh? He just wandered off, looking disgusted...

What brought all this on was a few minutes ago, I look out the window and see a fox sitting in the shade, on the porch, in front of my front door. Is this arrogance, or what?

DENNIS! You wuz gonna come out and do sumpn about this! Well? Huh, huh?

, Art
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