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In Montana it is also illegal to "finish off" an animal hit by a vehicle (hasn't stopped me yet, what an a$$hole thing to do, just let it lay there for an hour or two til someone "in authority" can finish it off) or to salvage roadkill out-of-season or without a valid license. I've only salvaged one (didn't stop me again!) and I just happened to see it get hit & killed so I knew it was "fresh". Lost one front quarter is all as the vehicle hit mainly just the head & neck area of this whitetail doe.
Procedure here is to call the Fish & Game dept. and they will often salvage usable parts of the carcass (if fresh) and it is then ground & packaged and distributed to those who can't normally afford the price of meat at the store or to local shelters/missions.

Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets replaced.....

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