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I think I related my story in here a while back of my taking a doe with my Ranger. I hit her a little far back, so a tracking job was neccesary. At 0230, that was not fun, and my wondering about what being a poacher would be like was answered. My cousin and I had to track that deer across a cornfield and swamp for about 150 yards, at night, one flashlight, a Ruger 10-22 and .45acp, one someone elses land, in a place where people ground check everything. It was not fun and I hope to never repeat it again.

Thursday night, I about took another doe out with my Ranger. 50mph down a blacktop road just north of Vidalia, GA. I somehow managed to squeeze my truck in between two does as they crossed the road. All I could do was hold on, and chant, "don't do it, don't do it" as they made their way in front of me.

The lead doe just missed my front bumper with her tail actually hitting my right headlight. The following doe brushed my left tail light with her nose. No damage to either deer, or my truck.

Thank God...

It seems I've went around the world to get next door. Would I pick it up? Indeed. I hate to see any part of an animal get wasted... and I'm sure most DNR agents and police officer won't mind at all.


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