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These 'road kill' laws vary from state to state. Here in Illinois, the driver can have what is left of the animal. If they don't want it, anyone else can take it but must report it by phone to the DNR.
I have had several roadkills. A couple were real fresh, clean head or front shoulder hits that butchered and tasted fine. A friend of mine hit one (hard) and brought it over. We spent 2 hours and salvaged only about 10 lbs of meat- not worth the trouble.
Don't bother taking it to a locker, you'll be on your own for processing.
Most semi-smucked deer leave little to salvage. I hit one three weeks ago while in S. Dakota pheasant hunting with my '99 F250 SuperDuty 4x4. Speed limit on I90 is 75mph (cruise set on 80), I ran clear over it and did less than $1000 damage. But that deer hit my front axle so hard, it exploded parts of the deer out through the spokes of the wheels. I didn't try to salvage any of that one.
If you do try to salvage a road kill, BE CAREFULL. I live by a state park with frequent roadkills and have seen some two legged deer scavengers almost become roadkill in their enthusiasm to 'claim' the meat.
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