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Have you NEVER cleaned any animal? I haven't cleaned a crow, but in the past i have cleaned ducks, geese, chickens, pheasant, rabbits, squirrels, deer.... I think i know how.
My recommendation is for squirrel: start by cutting the skin around the middle and pull apart (rather hard.. don't give up) the idea is to not get hair, dirt etc on the meat. when you have the skin off most of the body (and try to picture pulling a sweater off the little critter...) cut thru the neck throw head and skin away cut feet off below elbow... really you aren't wasting anything... and the hind feet too... and the tail at the base. so the recap cut skin around middle, pull until neck, elbow/knees and tail base are exposed, cut off parts. now you have a carcass that includes the guts....
carefully cut the skin of the paunch (gut) i usually cut from belly button to chest, you might want to hold animal on it back to facilitate not cutting the intestines) first gently slice open then you may be able to tear a larger opening. remove all the insides, open chest by cutting along sternum and remove heart/ lungs. i think i also cut down thru pelvic bone to remove anus. sorry this is long but i have to assume you haven't cleaned anything ever... if you have you can picture what i am saying...

a rabbit very similar except skin is easier to take off and hair sticks to meat much more.

birds i usually gut in the field (start by pulling some feathers from belly, then cut gut gently, again you want to slice the abdomen open, but not cut the intestines.)
pull the insides out, and reach up to heart/lungs, yes you will get messy hands in either case with any of these animals. my advice... get over it..
hope this helps, i think it would be easier to show you (oh darn, that means I would HAVE to go hunting....and get something) but maybe someone in your area could be persuaded to go along....??? if you are confused/ require more direction you could e-mail me and i will try to help... (but don't wait until you have an animal to e-mail me... could get smelly before i answer.


p.s. my dad loves panfried squirrel or rabbit stew, he sets the meat in salt water to draw the blood out for a day or two then cut and cook.
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