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It's been pretty good to me so far. I've taken two does. One with my rifle, the other with my truck. No damage though, thanks the Most Highest.

I've seen numerous other deer that I could have taken but chose not to. All were does with the exception of one buck with his right antler missing. I've limited myself this year in that if it's any smaller than what I already have on the wall, it will walk. The does have walked because I already had meat in the freezer from bow season, and in hopes a buck would be trailing her. So far, no joy.

It's been a hard season, with temperatures dropping and rising as they have. It's also been hard to pattern the deer. The acorn mast here in Georgia has be tremendous which has been keeping the deer from moving far in search of food.

Once the acorns have been mopped up, the deer will begin hitting my food plots. Until then, I'll just be patient and try to remember what that wise-man once said...

Something about, "good things come to those who wait..."...

My only question is, "but for how long?"...

Good day people.


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