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Mike Irwin
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"Somone will chime in here and defend one shot, but I would never use it on any rifle case EVER."

Yep, me...

I've loaded several thousand rounds (.30-06, .270, .300 Savage, and .243) since I discovered One Shot.

I have to say that I really like it, but it does require a bit more care to ensure that the cases get proper coverage.

Essentially it's a wax in a solvent carrier. Hornady claims that the solvent will make the lube "creep" around the case, but I think that depends a LOT on ambient conditions and how quickly the solvent carrier will evaporate.

I learned that somewhat the hard way when I stuck a .243 in an RCBS die. That's when I resorted to the deep freeze, blow torch, and vice grips.

I also learned that spraying BOTH sides of the cases is always good practice.

I've not had a problem since.
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