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I'm hunting in Central Texas, in the northern part of the Texas Hill Country.

Yep, Tooo Hot, Tooo Dry, and the Dust! It's awfull.

Anyway, so far I've taken a nice 9 point buck, two does, and a turkey with a 10 1/2 inch beard. Things have been generally slower than last year, but I suspect the weather, and increased hunting pressure in our area, are the cause.
Suprisingly, I've been seeing a lot of midday activity, but due to the heat or whatever, I'd be willing to bet I'm the only hunter in the woods for miles during midday. I took my buck at around 2:30-3:00 (when most in my crew are still napping ).

All our turkeys are running in groups of Toms. Between 6 of us we've seen 60 or more turkey (I'm sure some were the same birds, but anyway) and not one hen. My brother saw one flock of 17 birds, but most have been 6-10 birds.

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