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Yes, a small Leidrighter's Tanning Kit at $AUD30 (including tanning tool and leather lube and solution + directions) will do many dozens of these fine thin skins, which can be squared and sewed into a nice warm quilt for winter or even a stylish coat and matching muffler/gloves.
The back fur is the easiest and best to square off actually on the bun (with a knife), but do it immediately and salt/roll as directed.

The detached rabbit fur is used for fur-felt for making sun and working hats over here, Akubra etc, as worn by Jack Nichlaus the golfer. But with the government introduced (viral war = biological control) 1950s mixo and the newer 1998 calisi virus we now have to import them from China ! Maybe some soon from you in the USA, who knows...

The bunnies keep warm in their coats feeding on your plants, why shouldn't your family keep warm in theirs?

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