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Ah, there's nothing like living out in the country .

I've kept my door and windows open (if anything, just to air out the stall winter air) but my screen door does lock (gives me maybe .01 seconds, one good yank and it's open) but my uncles dogs will alert on anything or one coming down/up the street. Plus, my ears are usually tuned to what is going on around me (I know my uncles engine noise, my mom's engine noise, etc.., it's erie sometimes).

I don't stay in very high conditions but I'm not in a continual white (more like an off orange or something ).

I'm that way.. we live way out in the boonies so, someone would have to come on foot. That, and our 'screen door' is a metal security door that has little holes all over it for ventilation(we'd been broken into twice).

P.S my big mean boxer will alert me anyways.. wait.. she's fat, lathargic, slow, and old. Lol.
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