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We used to watch our landscaping disappear each day through the palates of dozens of rabbits. We'd see between 15 and 20 at one time devouring our lawn and plants, and the 'grass' looked more like a cocoa puff cereal truck accident. Mr. Benjamin Sheridan, in .22 cal, has helped me remedy that situation over the last few months.

Up until now these critters have ended up in 'bunny body bags' - plastic bags from the grocery store. We're reluctant to eat the meat, since this is still a somewhat urban area, and these little guys dine on everything in the neighborhood - I assume much of their food is laced with pesticides and other chemicals. However, the skins may be a different matter. I've always hated waste, and even though I'm glad to reduce the damage to our property, I don't like simply disposing of our 'little friends' this way.

Occasionally I see rabbit skins for sale, but I assume the prices are so low that it isn't worth the trouble to skin our rabbits. So, a question - if I wanted to sell rabbit skins, where would I sell them? And, am I right in thinking this is much more trouble than it's worth? If it makes any sense at all, my boys could pick up some extra change and learn some valuable skills on this easy project.

Thanks. Regards from AZ

[Now that I've picked up a lot of pointers on hunting mice and rabbits, perhaps I'll finally get drawn for deer next year ... ]
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