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Extra Magazine....Where do you carry and How?

Gentlemen, I recently switch from a 9mm pistol to a .40 S&W pistol for my CC. Feeling the need for an extra mag because of the weapon's reduced capacity, I am wondering where and how (for those that carry an extra mag)?

I have a mag holder (from tactical holsters) that I carry next to my cell on the left side, but I sometimes would reach for my cell (also on a belt carry case on the left), and if someone were to observe a mag holder, they would probably assume that I am armed.

Another suggestion was to carry in front pocket of jacket (strong side - same side was weapon) to weigh down the jacket so wind does not blow it open and reveal your weapon. My issue here is to reload, you would have to switch hands or do some ackward motion with your left hand to get the extra magazine.

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