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There are some interesting stories about scent and as many "recipes" as there are deer in wild.
When a deer scents a human, as alert as they are, you can watch them start twitching. If they are grazing they'll generally work their way away from the scent. They seem to raise their head more frequently and bolt at the slightest movement or sound.
I try to shower with the no fragrant soaps and always leave everything im going to wear hanging on a nail outside for a week or so before I hunt.
The fellow I hunt with swears off all meat about 3 months before hunting begins as well as dairy products. He goes on an almost vegtable and water diet. The other side of that coin is if its cold out he cant sit long . No body fat at all! So sweat either. He wears a single underlayer and carries his termal cover-all in his pack, gets in his stand puts on his thermals, shi-mask,cap, gloves sraps himself in and goes to sleep untill about 9, shoots his deer before 10, and is on his way out.
I dont think a deers senses are one more sensitive than another. You can smell like an acorn but if you clear you throat your made. Sneeze, he's outa there. motion is sound and ive snaped match sticks just to watch how they react. Bong Bong Bong.
Ive had deer walk up on me on a trail while I was watching squirrels my bow laying ten feet from me, caught him out of the corner of my eye and pretended not to see him. Mosey'd over to my bow as he stood there and watched me. Picked up my bow, nocked an arrow, drew back while I was still bent over, turned gently never looking him in the eye and he stood there as i continued to look away from him. When I turned my head to shoot he stepped into some mild cover, still visible and only 8-9 yrd away but no shot. He turned to come back accross the trail and at that moment I noticed a huge rack about 20 yrd to my left, I looked back to see the little one leap from one side of the trail to the other into heavy cover looked back where the big guy was , no where to be seen and the little just wagged his tail and vanished.
Hell they didnt care what I smelled like but if I had stayed up in the tree a little longer..........ahhhhhhh
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