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I haven't hunted much in the past couple of years, but I was using a scent called Nature's Own that worked really well.

Also, what I did was go out into the woods, gather a 1/2 trash bag full of leaves, pine needles, flowers, etc from the area I was hunting. Then I washed all of my hunting stuff in scent-free "hunting" detergent. I let them airdry outside away from the house and other scents. Then I put them in my trashbag.

From then on, the only thing I wore to my hunting area were long johns, etc under a pair of coveralls that I pulled from my bag.
Then, when I got to the hunting area, I dressed in my hunting stuff. Then I sprayed on the cover scent.

Of course, all that work doesn't do any good if you don't follow the fundamentals of being quiet, woodsmanship, etc...
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