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Sorry about your loss , Denny!.
I must however disagree about the gender gap. While I have seen really strong women , but nowhere near as strong as a really strong man, the upper body strength just wasn't there. In a one handed shooting drill , for instance there was NO way for her to lift the gun , from kneeling to bear on target. A 6 pound 20 ga. would solve THAT problem instead of a 9 pound 1100. I'll tell you what; I will go to my grave thinking that woman in a combat role is new age lunacy.Sure they can fly airplanes just as well, maybe shoot on a range just as well. But brother Denny, can they drag your wounded butt to safety ? Can they kick the door in? Do they take your concentration away from an objective because of 'special consideration'? I am sorry, I'm just an unreconstructed old fart .
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