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Three years ago I started finding pig tracks on our hunting land. Last year my uncle spotted some. This year on openning day (last Saterday)The pigs finally showed themselves to me. About thirty minutes before dark a herd of pigs came into a small clearing about thirty yards away from my stand. I counted eleven, and estimate there was eight to ten more. All were identical in size and color except one. The odd pig out was twice the size and brown not black. They were diffinatly razorback, not ferral. I picked the second closest one, as it offered the best shot-broadside. At the shot the pig fell to its chest, then started pushing itself with its hind legs. It did this for twentyfive feet or so, rolled over on its back, then regained its feet. It then proceeded to skeedadle. I spent the next five hours on my hands and knees in a five year cutover following sparse and dwindling blood. My load was a 225 grn hpl .44 cal sabot in a 50 cal with 90 grns pyrodex. The gun shoots 4" at 100 yds. My sight picture was pefect and I know about the sheild on a pig-I used to vidiotape hunts at a game ranch (once vidiotaped Steven Segal)- and felt confident this bullet/load would perform at that distance. In fifteen years of hunting deer, Ive only lost one that I could prove I hit (missed several) and am sick about this. Does any one have any insight/ suggestions?

Thanks- Senco
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