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Awerbuck H.I.T.T. debrief

I came back from the Modesto Ca. Sherrif's Dept hosting Lewis Awerbuck's H.I.T.T. course(High Intensity Tactical Training.) ths friday thru Sun.
Many thanks to the Modesto Sherriff's dept and Tommy Gong for putting it together when our usual mid state training site went down the tubes. All time spent with Lewis is profitable, and this was no exception!
Lewis told us at the outset don't expect to shoot a zillion rounds, and we only shot about 250 shot and maybe 100 slugs and less than 100 handgun rounds. Being an advanced course, most students were excellent shots with good working equiptment and superb range safety. Lewis tuned up our shooting skills the first day with quite a bit of line drills, Rolling thunder , and sighting in ect.
My A-5 which was WONDERFUL in operation , a dream come true and Lewis loved it, broke about 150 shots in. The action spring, the One spring I couldn't replace in the 2 weeks I had to build it up from a worn out old duck blind gun, kinked up weird and started not returning the bolt into battery. Oh well, out came the almost 20 year old Robar 870 and the game continued without disturbing the class more than a minute. This spring is back ordered from Brownells, but when I get it, I'll put the wonderful gun back into HD duty, the system IS better than ANY other shottie-potentially!
My only complaint with the course was the only female,s problems stopping almost every drill. This woman is very likable but in the 4 courses I've been in with her it is the same story: stop the class and dissasemble her equiptment ( an 1100 Rem Competitionmaster this time)or what ever strength she lacks to operate it. She lacked the strength to handle that system(this is the second time this month!) and was using wussy loads to compound the problem, and rebuffed (until the 2nd day) any attempt to put a hotter load in the thing!Also she KNEW her stock was too long last class and still showed up with the same stock system and the sights she couldn't hit anything with! All us males with problems got pointed to the twiddle table! I pity GIs in combat in the new coed Army!
Everybody else's stuff including the Bennelli's ran pretty darn good with very minor exceptions. I have more respect for Mossies and their excellent ergonomic's and function , although I'd never own one.Like I said most everyone shot VERY well!
The atmosphere was spiced up Sat PM by an explosive ord demonstration by the really together and large Modesto Bomb Squad! Needed something to forget about the constant showers and skeeters! Lewis added a 5th layer(bobbing no shoot) to his Hostage mover dummies for the night shoot. I only saw one hit on the front no shoots, although there were a couple thru and thru hits to rear no shoots. I did good, I like slugs to the head! The next day Lewis told us why and showed us how to clear Tommy Gong's buffed out residence in town , we only needed about a week more on that subject! Then back to the range with more live fire simulated room clearing with your partner (Cops did it fancy and explosive, me and my OLD partner back to back Rhumba'd it and did about as well, just slower!)and a lateral mover head shot with slugs (not hitting interspersed no shoots, like a runner in a crowd!) and more leap frog slugging from a distance. Did I say I like slugs?
Anyway I really feel I got to pick Lewis's brain this time and I think every body came away a better, clearer gunfighter! We really had a good fellowship among ALL the shooters and Lewis.
By the way ; if THAT female operator reads this I really think you should look into a short and very light 20 gauge gun, nothing wrong with a 20 gauge balistically (you were shooting 20 gauge loads) and a short , light , youth 20 ga. might make you fast and deadly!

"Run the bolt, Gordon"
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