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I must agree hunting is a great escape.

There is nothing like penetrating an animals habitat/defenses and just watching. I love to see the squirrels running about, the muskrat swimming down the creek in a silent "V", the hawk resting in the tree 20 feet away eyeing up the sparrows, and the silent flight of an owl gliding past. The the smell of leaves, freshly plowed fields, and crisp clean air. Then there is the burst of adrenalin that explodes in your chest when you hear the crunch, crunch, crunch of that deer making its way through the woods, or the sudden sight of the one that seemed to melt out of no where without making a sound.

I also love wild game. There is nothing better than thick venison inner loin grilled to perfection!

I am proud to call myself a hunter and will pass the tradition along to my son. If he does not want to I will not pressure him but I can't imagine not hunting. My father hunted but unfortunately drifted out of it when I was old enough and is now gone. I mainly had to learn on my own. I now hunt with my in-laws and am lucky enough to learn from them. My wife has 4 brothers and her father who all hunt. I do not agree that hunting is declining, but we must do our best to pass the tradition down to our children. Now if I can only get my wife to start!
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