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Hey Mikey,

Glad you got a chuckle, those deer are something else ain't they?

You're more than likely right. Since she was so close to the scent wick, I assumed. And we both know what that'll get ya!

I was hunting on Allatoona WMA once during bow season. This doe made her way down the hardwood ridge in my direction so I held still.

She made her way to about 20 yards from me, so I turned to prepare for the shot. As I brought the bow up, and started to draw, she busted me! She had me pegged, dead to rights!

She looked me right in the eyes, and for about 30 seconds, we both just stared. Neither one of us blinking an eye. I knew what was coming, and told myself not to flinch, but I couldn't help it. When she brought that right front leg up behind her back and stomped it, I jumped, and took my eyes from hers and glanced down at her foot. When I say behind her back, I mean from right field. All the way up and around, straight to the ground...

Game over, she took off like a bat out of haydes, blowing all the way to the pine thicket.

*shrug* I guess that's why we call it "hunting" and not "killing".


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