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I loved the part of your story when you said, " They fed along with not a care in the world; until they got downwind of that scent
wick. The mother doe went on red alert and the young one had it's attention on momma. The mother stomped, and yanked her head
around to look at her little one. She then looked right at the scent wick, which was directly between me and her. I remained still.
She then stomped her foot and turned to go back into the woodline."

I had to chuckle a little when I read your story. I've seen deer do that little "foot-stompin" move so many times I could choreograph it! I'm afraid it wasn't the "doe-in-heat" that had her stomping, it was that "man-in-woods" smell. Remember, the wick was in line with you and the deer. If she could smell the wick, she could smell you too! Like you said, if you stay still you can still get a shot - if they see you they're GONE.

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