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I'm a firm believer in earth scents. Something about smelling like a dirt clod I happen to like. I know it's near deer season when I start using it as aftershave! On the way into the woods each morning and evening, I'll grab a handful of pine needles and twist them up. I'll then rub them all over arms, legs, and chest. It makes the hands sticky, but you'll not find a fresher cover scent.

LongPath, great story! I'm along with 2cap though, it must have been a sight!

I'll relate something that happened to me last week. I was sitting in my ground blind, and had scrapes all around me. I had 2 scent wicks out and each one was covered in Tinks (I smell sumpin'! - love that commercial) Anyway, as I watched the food plot, two does made their way into it. A mother and her yearling. They fed along with not a care in the world; until they got downwind of that scent wick. The mother doe went on red alert and the young one had it's attention on momma. The mother stomped, and yanked her head around to look at her little one. She then looked right at the scent wick, which was directly between me and her. I remained still. She then stomped her foot and turned to go back into the woodline. Having watched her for almost 10 minutes, and a buck not showing itself, I figured it was now or never and sent a 150gr ballistic tip through her. The little one (plenty old enough to make it own it's own) went into the woods and began blowing. The mother doe dropped where she stood.

I asked my cousin why did the does spook and his only answer was, "I guess if she's not in heat, she doesn't want to be around one that is". That sounds feasible enough for me.


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