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I have one single anecdotal incident, which of course renders it useless. Nonetheless, interesting.

About 4 years ago I was hunting in a county in which doe were only legal on the first 2 weeks of the season. Having missed the first weekend, I made it out the second weekend, and didn't get a chance to shoot any deer. That Sunday afternoon, I got into an old tractor tire on its side in a winter wheat feild, and put some of my friend's Doe in Estrus lure on some toilet paper that I wrapped around a hand warmer. This I tossed on the ground outside of the tire, as a cover scent.

Out came the deer! A huge buck and some doe. I decided I would wait on the buck, picked the biggest doe, and shot her. (125 yards, down she went.) I got out, put a tag on her, and got back into the tractor tire. A six point came out and began eating grass from between her legs. I sat transfixed on this, and didn't look downwind at all until something caught my eye: horny buck!

He would stalk up a few yards while looking right at me, and lift his nose high to sniff the apparently maddening perfume. I watched this large 8 point making a bee-line right upwind toward me. Every few yards, he would actually stop to stimulate himself. (No, I'm not kidding! Like the old joke, why do dogs do that? Because they can... ) At 80 yards, in full view of the buck, I took the round out of the chamber. Sighted on his chest. Pulled the trigger. "CLICK!" He stopped, shrugged, and kept comming. I said loudly: "Hey, Buck! You'd better stop coming in so hot and heavy!" On he came. At about 70 yards, I loaded the chamber. He kept coming.

What can I say? He was a nice buck. I was younger then, and had less patience.

His antlers look good on the wall, though!

Will you, too, be one who stands in the gap?


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