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The scent debate rages on!

This topic has been very controversial at least here in Michigan. A local outdoor show host on PBS was sued and got taken to the cleaners about 9 years ago by Buck Stop lures after doing some field testing. Nothing scientific, just comparing and coming to his own conclusion that it makes no difference. This was with deer scents, i.e. tarsal, estrus etc. as well as human (his own urine).

Anyway, I have not been hunting as long as you but FWIW I do like to use an earth cover scent and scent free soap, deoderant, etc. and it hasn't hurt.

In fact I recently tried beaver castor after reading an article on scents during bow season and deer came in. Was it from the castor? I don't know. I am willing to try it again for gun season though.

I hope this was some help. Good Luck!
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