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Well, my first gun was a .41 magnum ruger blackhawk.
I saved up for that gun for almost a year, being a poor college student, working at auto service places.
When I finally got it, I found that I couldn't afford the ammo, it was almost $30 a box at the cheapest place in town.
So, I bought some reloading crap.
That gun was my only gun for several years, and I somehow managed to buy 6 boxes of factory ammo, and reused the brass.
I shot and loaded those 300 rounds for almost 10 years, before I retired them.
Never split a case, never ever.
I shot at least 100 rounds a month, more like a hundred a week.
Let's see.
At 200 rounds a month, (200x12=2400), times 5 years (2400x5=12000).
Twelve thousand, divided by 300 (12000 /300= 40)
I shot 2400, eventually H110, never anything but hot loads, and heavy roll crimps.
Mind you, each was shot a minimum of 40 times.
I still have most of that brass, I counted 288 left, don't know where the others are, lost, crushed in a reloading accident, stepped on, whatever.
I bought 1000 rounds of fresh brass from starline recently, that brass should last me a lifetime, now that I have other toys to play with....
I'm not just a gun.
I'm YOUR gun.
(Hold me.)
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