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I appreciate your honesty and willingness to search for the wounded deer. One of the hobbies that I enjoy as much as hunting is canoeing and it is canoeing that changed my personal views on bowhunting. Every fall as I canoe the rivers in eastern and central NC I find many wounded deer that have died by the waters edge. Most of these have been shot by a bow. I will not state how many I have found in a single day so it won't be used against us by the anti's. First let me say that I will fight,and fight hard, for our right to bow hunt big game but I will not bow hunt deer anymore. I still enjoy small game hunting with a bow tremendously. I just don't have the time and place to bow hunt the way I feel "I" should do it, measuring shots in feet not yards and tracking any animal shot until I find it, if it takes hours or days. Until I can obey my own rules I will continue to hunt with the 30-06. Am I saying you should think about giving up bowhunting? Absolutely, positively not! I guess the point of this long and rambling post is don't beat yourself into the ground on this one. This has happened to lots of hunters, most of them will not admit it. The key is to try to never let it happen again.

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