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I know this is a firearms forum but I need some cheering up.
I was bow hunting this past Saturday and finally had my first shot ever with a bow. I was watching a doe and a forkhorn buck for about an hour before I felt I had a good shot. Finally the buck offered a quartering away shot at about 20 yards from my tree stand. He ran off towards the woods behind me with my arrow about 8 inches into a spot towards the last rib. He stopped as soon as he got into the woods and walked away. It was nearly sunset at this point so I left my stand after about 1/2 hour and went to get my truck. When I got back I found bright red blood and the exposed part of my arrow which had broken off covered in blood. I followed the trail for about an hour in the dark until I lost the blood. I came back the next morning with 2 other experienced bow hunters and we picked up more blood. We searched for about 2 hours and finally lost any sign.
It doesn't bother me that I did not get a deer but I feel awful for not knowing what happened to it. I can only hope that it died quickly or will heal.
I practice regularly and am pretty good but I only blame myself, not my equipment as some others seem to do.(I think Joey knows them )
Sorry this post is so long but I had to get this off my chest.
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