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Well, looks like a couple of you are getting outstanding accuracy with either primer. 2230-C has caught my attention before, but as I say, this ammo will be for my partners 94 AE, so we'll probably load up, one cannister at a time until we hit, what do they call it? Nirvana and go to the 8lb'rs. Gonna start off with 150gr. Core-Lokts, Sierra's and Oregon Trail's gas-check. I'm gonna keep checking out Ramshot Tac. This is a very progressive powder co. I have head several conversations with their ballistician and last time I called I S-T-S with the president. Now they own Accurate and are postured to get better distribution of their powders. Man this is totally off topic, but they have a ball powder with a very similar burn to Relaoder 19 and it is supposed to be extremely temperature insensitive. All but Competition and Silhoutte (Primex) come from Belgium and some of their powders may prove to be competitve with Vihta Vuori at an Accurate price. Lets keep our fingers crossed. Back to topic, I'm probably going to go with start charges of 748 from the Lyman 46, until we decide the merits of the cast load and maybe get a bit more specific powder. Something says try Reloader 7, who knows. I wish I had some data for Reloader 10X and maybe Alliant will have some soon, looks to be in a burn rate where it might serve a lot of areas. Anyway Guys, I really appreciate you input!
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