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Remington 180 g Round Nosed Soft Point is excellent. I personally have grouped this stuff inside of 2" at 100 yards with a dark-bore SMLE that had stock trouble in the worst way. (I.E., this was as good as it got for that rifle! )

It's not even that expensive-- say, about $15/box. Don't be thrown by the fact it's round nose-- that won't make a difference in the drop at the ranges you'll be shooting, anyway (<200yds). Also, there is good evidence that round noses "hit harder", inasmuch as they needn't expand much at all to give you full caliber facial area.

Winchester also used to make a good SP load, but I've had better accuracy from the SPRN Remington. Its MV, if memory serves, is about 2400fps. More than adequate for any deer that ever walked, out to ranges far beyond whats sporting. Good luck!


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