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I am one of those Dinosaurs that loves the Marlin 30-30 in heavy cover. I have found that the 4X scope allow me to take a shot at 35 yards or 100 yards with no proble. If you are dead set on the iron sights, please consider the marvelous peep sights offered by Ashley Outdoors, Inc.,2401 Ludelle Street,Ft. Worth, Texas 76105 (888)-744-4880.With respect to red anerobic adhesive (Loctite) make sure that in a blind hole where there is only one way in and one way out, that you allow the sealant to run down the side to the bottom of the hole. Do not apply it directly to the threaded fastener or air will be trapped and you will not get the full cure. Anaerobics are nothing more than liquid polymer that cures in the absence of air and presence of metal. I would consider the blue, medium strength anaerobic. Red is high strength. With high strength formulations, the prevailing torque increases after the breakaway torque has been met meaning you may break the bolt if you ever decide to remove the iron sights. The reason many have resorted to the high strength red is because they do not properly apply it in the first place. Also, if you have access to anaerobic primer, use it. Primer does not decrease the final strength by any significant amount while shortening full cure time and cleaning the surfaces. Keep in mind that anaerobics need 24 hours to cure without primer and about three hours to cure with it. An added advantage to anaerobics is that corrosion will be prevented where it is present. In case you're wondering, I am a Sales Engineer for Loctite's number one competitor. Good Luck

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