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Dogger. The inexpensive Williams receiver sight is called the 5-D. He is right. They are a bear to set for windage. There is a screw you can turn for elevation. I have them on two 30-30's and a 45-70. As soon as I have the money, I will be replacing them with better sights, preferably the Lyman. My son-in-law has one on his 30-30, and every year, whether he uses it or not, he has to readjust the damn thing. Took him two whole boxes. On my 45-70, I was perfectly sighted in. I decided to shoot it a while back, and it was so far off that I was almost off the backer for my target. Spend the extra money, and be happy right off the bat. Hell! I have to go buy 4 new rear sights. I wonder if I can Loctite them? :O Never thought of that.
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