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You can spend some big (up to $120) money on after-market sights, but truly, the cheapest peeps on the market will work just as well. I don't know the model number or the name, but Williams makes a very serviceable peep that goes on the two mounting screws that Paul mentioned. Only problem with it is that it's kind of a pain to set, because the windage is set screws and witness marks; you can't simply twist an adjustment screw a certain amount to repeatibly move the sight a bit more. BUT, that's the ONLY problem. Once you get it where you want it, torque those set-screws down, and you've got a solid sight for about $35. If you want the better, all steel version, Go for the Lyman, for about $60. It's tougher, and easier to set, but you won't shoot any better with it.

Everybody's peep is tapped to accept different-sized aperatures.

This is my favorite improvement on a .30-30.

Oh, yes-- blade front sights are inexpensive, and you could put it on, or have your gunsmith do it. ( I tend to let my 'smith-- saves my frustration with those tight press-fits..) They usually run between $8-$16. But try it with the peep, first...
Good luck!


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