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Folks, I want to hunt white tail deer with open sights -- no scope.

Why? For the challenge. For the simplicity. For "ol' times" sake. And yes, I will be careful not to take shots on whitetails that are a cinch with a scope but questionable with iron sights.

The open sights on my Marlin 30-30... well... they leave much to be desired. The front sight is a brass bead that practically covers the whole target beyond 50 yards (at least it seems that way to me)... and the reat sight is just a scooped out notch of some sort. The sights don't lend themselves to precise placement of the front bead on some reference point on the rear sight. So... they stink.

Who makes the best iron sights and on what factory produced gun? Or will I have to go to a gunsmith for a superb after market sight? What do you recommend? Please keep factory rifles chambered at or below 30-06.

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