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LEO belt ammo

Ah, but G56, consider that you were shooting nickeled brass cases. The process of nickel-plating the brass includes dipping them in sulfuric acid, which embrittles the brass. The splitty tendencies of nickeled brass are well documented. So I'm not surprised that in 30 rds you got 1 or 2 neck splits. Most (not all) reloaders avoid using nickeled brass for that reason.

But I must admit that the nickeled brass sure looks nice on a black carry belt! And the leather would likely corrode non-nickeled brass, leading to a whole nother set of problems. Seems like a sound procedure to shoot up all the carry ammo every 6 mos.

A thought--I wonder if Pancho Villa and his men had problems with corrosion of their (surely non-nickeled) rifle ammo brass, slung in bandoliers from their shoulders. You always see this in photos of Villa and his men, but I can't recall pix of any other military or paramilitary outfit that used this way of carrying rifle ammo.
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