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And some pounding. OUCH!

I'm no wus-- My regular diet is belted magnums with the heavier bullets-- but when I sighted in my father's and my shotguns for an impromptu shotgun-only hunt at a state park a couple of years ago, I was beginning to really feel the oomph before I was done. In one sitting, I had to:
(a) sight them both in for the new sights on one and the old beat-up-in-the-trunk ones on the riot gun.
(b) shoot a group from 4 seperate brands of slugs to see how they shot in each gun, and
(c) Re-sight the guns to the slugs I chose, to be dead-on at 85 yards. (Now I would choose dead on at 100-- live and learn.)

This took over 50 rounds of shooting one-ounce slugs in one sitting, and I was really wishing I'd had the forsight to bring a sandbag for my shoulder, before all was said and done. Here's the kicker: both were with Remington 1100's, which are gas-operated automatics. Had I been doing the same process with an 870, I probably would have been done in in half the time. I wonder how many of us have decided on the first brand we tried, failing to notice that our groups deteriorate as our session of 437 grainers at 1300 fps goes on?

Come to think of it, I do believe the Remingtons I chose were the first ones I tried. But then again, they had them on sale for $2.25/box, too.... Otherwise, I'd have gone for the Brenneke's, which had slightly larger groups, but were rather awesome in their ability to punch a perfect wad of 73 caliber.


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