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Dr. Rob: Are those Winchester Supremes you're getting for $3/box of five the Foster slugs or the sabot slugs? At my local Wal-Mart, the Win Supreme sabots were more like $8 for a box of five! I'll have to try the Federals; the Winchester "gray box" slugs shot a tight group but printed about a foot low at fifty yards.

ptpalpha: Yeah, I was guessing that just about any 437 grain, half inch wide projectile impacting around 1100 fps would put a big hurtin' on ol' Bambi. Last time I used a Ruger .44 Magnum with a bullet weighing less than two thirds as much and didn't feel undergunned. (A friend of mine uses a 6" Colt King Cobra with .357s and, despite what's often said about the .357 being marginal for deer, bags a deer almost every year).

I don't know why the Remington copper solids would be bad for a barrel. They sure do have an impressive hollowpoint!

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