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I recently got a great buy on a 24" rifled barrel with sights (but no scope mount ) for my 12 gauge Mossberg 9200. Now I'm thinking about using it to hunt whitetail deer here in Ohio. I've never hunted deer with a shotgun before (Ohio allows shotguns or handguns for deer but not rifles) so I'd like to hear some opinions on the best slug to use. I'd be taking shots under 100 yards, with 10-70 yards being the most likely range of engagement.

I know that rifled bores work best with sabot slugs rather than the Foster or Brenneke type. Still, there are half a dozen types from which to choose: Federal, Winchester (regular and "Supreme"), Lightfield, Remington Copper Solid, and the Hornady XTP, which isn't a sabot but supposedly is designed for use in rifled barrels.

Since test-firing all these slugs would be both expensive and painful, and still wouldn't tell me much about effectiveness on deer, can anyone help me narrow the field some?
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