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Kinda depends on how traditional you want to be. For a great hunting caplock, try to find a good used Thompson/Center Grey Hawk. This gun is short, light, extremely accurate. It is all stainless steel with a non-glare matte finish. The stock is black plastic with a good recoil pad. Barrel twist is 1 in 48 ins., a compromise between the round ball twist and the sabot twist, and it's a compromise that seems to work. For a pure hunting gun, I don't think you can beat it. People with blued/wood guns may scoff, though. You may find it a bit hard to find one of these, they seem to be a discontinued model now, not to be found on the T/C web page. Mine is .50 cal; I shoot it mostly with patched round ball but it really comes into its own as a hunter with sabots. And mine is not for sale! slabsides

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