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I started not to post, as this will sound like a classified ad, but I'll try it anyway.

I was looking for a traditional muzzleloader a few years back and checked with a fellow who hand builds them to original specs. His guns start at one grand and I couldn't do it. He said the Dixie gun works models were very close but still $600 or more and some assembly required. Then he said the Lyman Great Plains Rifle was the closest to the original "true" Hawken Rifle of the modern production guns. The main difference was blued rather than browned furniture.

I bought one, killed four deer with it, kept it clean and "as new". It has been for sale for a little while, as I haven't hunted much in the past couple of years, but I didn't post it here because I didn't figure there would be much interest since most folks go in-line these days. I love the gun but don't intend to hunt blackpowder any more. It shoots great, very accurate and very little recoil with round ball.

You can look up the specs in most catalogs and see what the prices are. I can tell you that this one has an exceptional stock on it, nice and dark with good grain contrast and satin oil type finish. The furniture is traditional (although blued instead of browned) with snail curl trigger bow. It is a percussion 50 caliber with 1/66 twist for traditional round ball. Buckhorn sights set dead on at 75 yards using 100gr of FFF black powder and patched ball. It has a 32" octagon barrel, 1" across the flats. The buttstock has a cheek rest and crescent steel buttplate. Lock is traditional Hawken pattern and is color case hardened. The rifle has double set triggers. The barrel has a hooked breech for easy takedown and cleaning with double wedges for secure attachment. The balance point is dead center of the forearm between the barrel wedges, as it should be, and makes carry and off hand shooting easy.

Sorry if this sounds out of line for the request - if you're interested you can e-mail me. And if you don't want mine be sure to look at a new one - I think you'll like what you see.


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