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WHATEVER you buy, get a SLING.

Lol those T/C hawkens weigh 11 pounds or so and are a bitch to carry in hand when there is 100 pounds of deer on your opposite shoulder hanging from a carry pole.

I looked at T/C's , Lyman's and Pedersoli rifles before i bought my TC Hawken. If I had to do it over again I'd buy a TC Pioneer rifle (54 cal) or an enfield musketoon (but i'd remove all that "shiny" parade rest chromed steel and charcoal blue it.

Lessons learned...

Curved brass buttplates LOOK COOL but KICK HARD when you throw a 400 grain bullet downrange with 100 grains of ffG. I was bruised for 3 weeks solid before i fugured out how to brace the gun properly.

Buying a rifle with a sling already installed is worth the extra $20 in cost.

Lightwieght makes a difference. Lugging a rifle that long and heavy will wear you out if you aren't in shape, and can beat you up even if you THINK you are in shape. Buy one in stainless or in carbine length to save weight, you likely won't shoot over 100 yards anyway so a shorter barrel won't make a huge amount of difference.


Your Rifle is only as leathal as its marksman, it takes a while to firgure out the most accurate load for your gun. In my case its the load that kicks the hardest

But seriously REMMINGTON Deerslayer bullets have ballistic tables on the back of the pack so you can get some idea of the ballistics you can expect, including midrange trajectory (50yds) and final trajectory (100yds) velocity and various powder charges.

Good luck, BP Hunting is a kick in the ass.

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