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Dall sheep ribs, roasted over a bed of coals.

1 remote mountain range, I prefer the Alaska Range

1 Dall full curl ram's ribs, in two sections, taken at the culmination of an exciting, strenuous hunt. Leave plenty of fat on the ribs, sheep fat is GOOD.

Sprinkle rib sections with salt, pepper and rub with garlic, if you have it. Hang about 2 feet over the coals from a tripod made of scrounged wood. Drink a cold beer, if you have it, whiskey otherwise. Tell and retell stories from the hunt, and from other hunts. Use literary license.

Cut off ribs, one at a time, using the same knife you used to skin and quarter the ram. Wash the knife beforehand if you must. Eat using only hands and knife. Look at the stars, and the outlines of the mountain range against the sky. Listen to the fire, ptarmigan, grouse, maybe wolves if you're lucky. Feel the crispness of the fall night air on your back, the tremendous heat of the coals on your face.

Argue about calibers and bullets, genially. Toast hunts and hunters of the past. Roll into your sleeping bag and watch the northern lights until you fall asleep.

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