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Garden variety old rabbit the way Mum made it --

2 x rabbits quartered
2 x large carrots, sliced on the diagonal, thickish
1 x large onion, thinly sliced
red wine (dry, full-bodied)
2 x potatoes, diced large
1 x tin cream of mushroom soup
2 x dessertspoons jam (strawberry, raspberry -- something sweet)
8 x bacon rashers
2 x large bay leaves


Soak the rabbit pieces in cold, salted water for at least an hour before starting.

Caramelize the onion in a pan. Remove, and brown the rabbit in oil.

Wrap each piece of rabbit in a trimmed bacon rasher and secure with a toothpick.

Add onion to the undiluted soup, mix in carrot, potato, jam, bay leaves and a "gurgle" (technical term) of red wine. Add rabbit, ensuring everything is mixed well (but not mashed!)

Bake in a low/moderate oven, covered, for at least 90 mins (the rabbit needs to be falling off the bone). Add freshly ground black pepper to taste. Add black olives to warm through before serving.

Serve with warmed crusty Italian bread.


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