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Dr.Rob's Mid Western Red Anti-Goat Chili:

1 big onion (yellow)
2 large cans dark red kidneybeans (drained)
2 cans chili tomatoes
1 small jar hot PACE thick and chunky salsa
1 small can minced jalapenos (mild)
1 packet shillings chili seasoning mix
1 pound ground hapless woodland creature (i use antelope)

Brown 1 pound woodland critter in frying pan, drain excess fat. Chop and carmalize onion, add minced jalapenos.Add pace picante sauce. Add meat back in, add beans and seasoning mix. add tomatoes. Simmer or crock pot all day on low. Add additional spices to taste. Remember you want spicy.. not so hot you can't eat it.

Serve heavy crocks with wedges of sharp cheddar or white cheddar and simple crackers like Ritz a light beer or iced tea is a necessity as this can be a lil spicy.



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