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They're coming too slow for me! Let's get things moving again with one of my favorite simple game meals that is best for the hunter in the field---


1st, DONT hack this thing up! It needs to be treated properly when removed, with a small sharp knife. Then take a sharp fillet knife to carfully remove every bit of fascia from the tenderloin you're removing. Let no silvery-white sheathing remain on it-- this is chewy.

Next, get some good coals going, preferably mesquite.

Then, slice your tenderloin at a bias so that you have 1.5" steaks of a small-steak size. The smaller the deer, the greater the need for an angled-bias cut, to cover your plate. Otherwise, you end up with medallions only slightly wider than they are tall.

Into a Zip-Lok bag they go, with the juice of 2 limes, 2 tablespoons of dry mustard powder, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, a tablespoon of salt (Kosher or sea salt is best), and about 1 tablespoon (give or take) of white pepper (fresh ground makes a big differnce here!). If you like (and I do), put in one minced clove of garlic. Let marinade for the time it takes to get your coals going well. Say, about 30-45 minutes. More is better, but not absolutely necessary.

Make sure your grill is clean, hot, and oiled before putting your meat on, and make sure that you moisten with oil and dust it well with the pepper on the grill.

DO NOT over-cook these, guys! It's a sin. Even if you normally take your steak Well Done, leave some pink. For me. Please. You can always put it back on the fire if you don't like it.

Serve it with??? A potato and fixin's, a large beverage of good cheer, and a cool starry night among friends. Preferably this meat was still cooling when you were preparing it.


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