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Dr.Rob's anti-goat roast. (easy with any roast)

Kill antelope, perpare in field properly, take immediately to butcher.

Throw frozen (or thawed) roast in crock pot with 2 cans golden musroom soup (do not add water) Top off fresh veggies (carrots, onions, broccoli cut thick) Simmer in Crock pot on low all day. The water in the veggies will keep the meat tender.

Variant 2:

Place roast in reynolds oven bag , add 6-8 oz fresh rasberries or blackberries. Place in crock pot on low, simmer all day.turn bag over occasionally so that it cooks in the rasberry juice. Serve drizzled with honey, a fresh ceaser salad and a light merlot.

Pan fried Antelope Round Steak with Gravy:

Rub 3-4 antelope round steaks with minced garlic. Heat 1/2 stick butter in fry pan on medium heat. Pan fry steaks until browned both sides,remove steaks, add red wine, more minced garlic (say a tablespoon) and cornstarch to drippings in pan to make gravy. Serve steak with gravy dripped over and fresh tomato slices covered with cracked pepper on the side. A dry wine like Chianti Classico goes well with this. You can even use this dish as an appetizer since it only takes 5-10 min or so with thawed steaks.

Man I'm suddenly hungry.


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