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can't help much with the '06, but the .454 and I go back a ways...for practice and general plinking loads, I have always liked Unique with copper plated bullets from Rainier or Berry's. I use the load data from Lyman's Pistol & Revolver Reloading Handbook 2nd or 3rd editions. For full power loads, I like Hodgdon's Lil'Gun, I use the load data from Hodgdon's website or their 2004 updated reloading manual. A lot of folks like H-110 or Win 296, and some swear by AA#9. 2400 will also work, but it won't give full velocity like the ball powders will, also for me it burns dirty and leaves too many unburned powder particles that get under the extractor star in my SRH and bind up the cylinder.

Anyway there are a lot of knowledgeble shooters in this forum, and they will shed some more light on your post. Good luck....
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