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I am not going to fight anyone period, I am not paid to fight and no where in the Georgia code does it say it’s my job to take an @$$ beating just because I’m a cop.
Jsandi, I agree! While I was a LEO that was pretty much my attitude. I hated having to go to work everyday knowing there probably would be a physical confrontation before my shift ended. So I moved on. Two years later my partner took an @$$ beating from 3 BG's, and it damn near killed him.

I think the lines have been pretty much drawn on this thread. The problem is no one really knows how they are going to handle violence until it happens. Putting up senarios doesn't mean squat because we are all different, and we will react differently.

I remember stopping a car one night. They driver got out, and started back towards me. I remember, I pointed my finger at him, and ordered him back in the vehicle. I was lucky, he obeyed! And to be honest in most cases as described in this thread, I always was ready to clear leather.

One thing I hate about today's LEO's, most have chips even with us former LEO's. The last time I spoke with a LEO was regarding my granddaughter who had been just been injured by a hit and run driver. When I told him I was a former LEO his reply was, Yeah, what kind of a cop were you! I hear this too many times. All of us have to earn respect, including those who currently serve.

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