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Hell I've been known to eat anything...

1. Elk tenderloin
2. Pronghorn chops
3. Muledeer Sirloin
4. Antelope Liver ( a guilty pleasure)
5. Fried Squirrel
6. Turtle soup
7. Quail

BTW "winged rats" are called "squab" in europe and I've never tried possum but i hear its edible, and the Olny fish i can think of thats necessary to SHOOT to getin the boat is a shark...


unagi (smoked freshawater eel)
Taro (fatty tuna)
Mako Shark (like white steak)
Barracuda (a sweet flaky fish Have a pic of the one I caught, barely legal at 3 feet long)
Fried Channel Cat
Rainbow Trout
Giant Clam
Orange Roughy
beluga caviar with water table crackers and a chilled champagne

PS you can eat any kind of fish if you have enuff wasabe and soy sauce.

Stay say and be careful about who serves your puffer fish....

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