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Powder question, 30-06 and .454 Casull

I've been relaoding shotguns for the past 10 or 11 years. I now am about to buy a Rockchucker and begin reloading my rifle/pistol ammo. I'm wondering what is a good powder for the 30-06 and .454 Casull. With my shotguns I've always been an Alliant guy (Red Dot and Herco) so I'm thinking of trying Reloader 19(30-06) and 2400(.454). The bullets I'd be using for the 06 are Sierra 180gr HPBT match bullets. My friend reloads them for me now using IMR 4895 and I'm getting really good groups of 1" and a shade under out at 300 yards. I keep hearing that Reloader 19 is too slow for 180gr bullets. Is this true? Also for the .454 Casull would Hodgdon H110 be better than 2400? Id be using 260 and 300gr bullets. Thanks. By the way, I just came across this board yesterday and I must say I already like it.
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