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In Virginia, you are not required to retreat inside your home. The use of deadly force is not automatic. If you must use deadly force, you will have to be able to articulate why you felt it was necessary. Basically, you do not have to run out the back door and let someone take over your home. You can stand your ground and use the necessary and reasonable force to remove them from your home or hold them there. In Virgina, citizens can make a citizen's arrest for felony offenses committed in their presence. Normally not a good idea at all, for liability reasons and not to mention safely reasons. But, if someone enters your home, that is a burglary and a felony. You can remove them or arrest them basically and use the necessary and reasonable force to accomplish that. You also do not have to hold a concealed carry permit to carry a concealed weapon in your home or on your own property. These things only apply to your home. Once you go out into public areas, you are required to retreat from a possible threat, if possible, prior to using any type of force to defend yourself. This is not only deadly force, but any force.

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