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Castle Doctrine

In another thread (, a member mentioned the “Castle Doctrine” and suggested that within his home an individual could essentially assert his right to self-defense in an unlimited manner.

While I believe that fairly summarizes the “Castle Doctrine”, I want to point out that state laws differ on its application. In some/most states, the homeowner has the unconstrained right of self-defense. However, in a few states, he does not and must (for example) retreat within his home, if withdrawal is possible.

While I personally advocate an unrestricted “Castle Doctrine”, I have initiated this thread because I would not want any TFL members to believe it applies – without limits – in all jurisdictions. KNOW YOUR STATE’S LAW and, additionally, understand that prosecutorial discretion is likely to apply (imagine how Chuck Schumer would use such a situation for political posturing and for advancement of his anti-firearms agenda if he were the DA).
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